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220 to 110 Converter

The Science behind a 220 to 110 Converter The terms 220 to 110 converter and travel transformer are sometimes used interchangeably. Some manufacturers even use one term for the other when putting labels on their products. However, a 220 to 110 converter is technically different from the way a transformer changes voltages. The following is […]

Voltage Converter Travel

With a Voltage Converter, Travel is Easy With a voltage converter, travel would be easy as you will be able to use all the necessary gadgets you need such as your cell phone, battery charger, digital camera, laptop, radio, and other electrical devices. When you use a voltage converter, travel is more fun as you […]

Foreign Travel Voltage Converter

The Need for a Foreign Travel Voltage Converter If you have decided to push through with that European trip you have always planned on taking, you will need a foreign travel voltage converter with you if you have many electrical devices to bring. This is because European countries operate on 210 to 220 volts electrical […]

Travel Transformer

Europe Travel Tips: Travel Transformer vs. Power Converter Some people ask if they should bring a travel transformer to Europe or a power converter. A lot of people think that a converter and a transformer are just the same thing. Part of the list of things in a typical travel kit would include both of […]

A Guide In Purchasing Travel Voltage Converter

Which Travel Voltage Converter Should You Purchase? Which travel converter to buy will be determined on where your device was manufactured, where you will be traveling, and the watts or amps. If you are using your 220V or 240V device in a country with 110V power, you will need a travel converter that will lower […]

Travel Voltage Converter

Travel Voltage Converter Information for Travelers If you have done any traveling overseas, you know that in order to use your personal electrical devices such as an electric shaver, hair dryer, or curling iron you will need a travel voltage converter. If you do not have access to one then you will not be able […]

European Outlet Converter

European Outlet Converter Basics and Essentials The secret to happy visits to the various parts of Europe is simply to bring a European outlet converter. Having one around for the trip helps tourists avoid blowing off their tops when they blow their fuses. Since the many countries of the world have not come to terms […]

European Electrical Adapters

European Electrical Adapters for Mobile Tourists Big tip off the bat: always bring European electrical adapters. Visiting other countries will require the modern-day tourist to be both mobile and adaptable. Of course, one of the usual issues about traveling from one part of the world to another is that the power is different from country […]

Electrical Converters for Europe

Traveling and Using Electrical Converters for Europe When you travel to Europe, you are sure to bring your mobile phone, battery chargers, digital camera, laptop, hair dryer, iron, and MP3 or iPod. Because you have all these devices, you will need to bring electrical converters for Europe. The U.S. has a current that runs 110 […]

Converters for Europe

Converters for Europe: Essential when Traveling When you plan to travel to England, France, Italy or any European country, you will need to bring converters for Europe. Countries such as Japan and the U.S. have voltage between 100 and 127 volts. Europe on the other hand has voltage between 200 and 240 volts. Converters for […]

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